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Has the pandemic affected home health care?
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Has the pandemic affected home health care? Although, there is a lack of data on the effects of the pandemic on home health care; the answer is still yes.  The impact of  Covid- 19 on home health care agencies has received little attention. It is important that we understand the pandemic has affected home health care beneficiaries, providers, and policies. The Covid- 19 infection rates have not been systematically reported for Medicare beneficiaries and the workforce. There have been federal policy changes due to Covid-19. It has provided financial support to home health care agencies, it expanded provider licenses to certify the use of home health care, and increased flexibility in Medicare advantage plans. During Covid-19 home health care is well-positioned to provide services to Medicare beneficiaries. Policy changes could potentially increase the value of Medicare home health. There are many questions to ask during this time. One important question that will remain unanswered at this time is; will the quality of service remain during the pandemic?


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